Oh gosh.  Someone favorited a thing and started following it and me on ff.net and I went to look who it was and I’m like… I KNOW THAT NAME and it was exactly who I thought it was and the point is that I’m having massive squeaking nostalgia for my time in the Mighty Ducks fandom, right now.  And I want to write all the fic for my boys.  I miss them.  And everyone I knew in those days.



(Don’t mind me.  I have these massive fits of MD fandom nostalgia at least once a year.  *wistful sigh*  I’m good.  Really.  I’m good.  -.-;;;  Anyway, if any of you out there are long ago readers of my And the Fox… fic – hi?  And feel free to stop by while I’m feeling nostalgic?  ^_^)


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