since I am SO not into it being Almost Monday already, let’s do a round of headcanons: The Amis on Sunday Nights (and other stressful times when you’re counting down to things you don’t really want to do).

Enjolras: Is super into preparing for the week, making a schedule and emailing people to set up meetings and coffee dates, already texting about Friday night plans.  He likes looking ahead to the good things that are going to happen, and thinking about the challenging things in advance helps him pump himself up to tackle them with his full energy.

Combeferre: Spends the afternoon and evening cooking/prepping food for the whole week.  By 8 pm he has three complete meals made and packaged away in single-portion containers, plus ingredients cut up for quick dinners for the nights when he actually has time to cook.  The straightforward, uncomplicated work of measuring and chopping and mixing is calming, and he knows the week always goes a little easier when he has delicious, healthy food to eat.

Courfeyrac: Wants to be around people, but also needs something a little more chill and grounding than going out.  He finds all of the above at a yoga class or meditation group or contemplative religious service, but makes it home in time for the Sunday evening ritual of hot chocolate with Enjolras and Combeferre.

Feuilly: Always intends to go to bed at a reasonable time, to start the week out with at least one good night’s sleep.  Always ends up staying up way too late simply because there was so much he wanted to do and the weekends are always so short.

Bahorel: Contemplates whether or not it is possible to punch the concept of a calendar day in the face.  (Seriously attempts it at around 11:59 one Sunday before an especially challenging week.)  Usually settles for watching home improvement shows and aggressively critiquing the designers’ choice of color palettes.

Jehan: Spends the evening alone, reading a book with a fascinating culture or gripping plot that can make him forget where he is and live someone else’s life for a few hours.

Joly: America’s Funniest Home Videos and ice cream, every Sunday night.  Because it is a medical fact that laughing releases the good brain chemicals and relaxes your muscles and .  And ice cream just makes anything better.

Bossuet: Usually on hold with customer service for two hours, trying to complete that important phone call he was supposed to make over the weekend and completely forgot.  He spends the time making up funny lyrics to go with the tinny hold music.

Grantaire: Lives in total denial of Monday–goes out drinking or stays up until 4 in the morning.  He claims that the oh shit you’re already twenty minutes late and you haven’t showered in three days rush of adrenaline is the only thing powerful enough to drag him out of bed Monday mornings.


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