Watching The Clone Wars



And specifically, several episodes that mostly seem to feature Ahsoka being impulsive or disobeying orders.  And… I have to wonder.

Did Obi-Wan curse Anakin with the Parent’s Curse?  (I hope your child is just like you!)

please do we need to asks that? of course he cursed him, and i bet he was out there, looking for the most anakin-like padawan to saddle anakin with within six hours of his knighting



best things about the childhood best friends/friends to lovers trope

  • casual displays of affection
  • sharing a bed because “we’ve been doing it since we were kids”
  • platonic cuddling 12/10 times that a bed is shared… totally platonic…
  • that thing where they lay down and one person is lying perpendicular to the other with their head on the other’s stomach u feel
  • casual displays of affection
  • late night deep talks (a rooftop setting optional)
  • “i know you better than i know myself”
  • saying i love you to each other thinking the other person means “only as a friend/sibling” when no they mean romantically
  • calling the other person “home”
  • laying their head on the other person’s shoulder
  • forehead/cheek/temple/top of head kisses
  • super tight hugs where one or both “feels safe”
  • pet names/nicknames/referring to the other as “my (person’s name)”
  • missing the other person whenever they’re not around more than best friends probs should
  • trusting each other so easily so effortlessly bc it’s second nature
  • literally just?? the fact that they’re best friends?????
  • “i’ve always loved you” / “i have loved you all my life”
  • basically pretending everything is casual and totally platonic when really they love each other so much i’m trash bye